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About Us

About Ut

BJP Home Support is a family owned company located in Guisborough and has an excellent reputation for providing quality  home care.

We pride ourselves in providing trained professional carers who can support you to live in your own home.

We set ourselves the same high standard that service users and their relative/representatives and healthcare professionals would expect.

We deliver outcome based personalised Care and Support

We are dedicated to providing high levels of service to all of our customers.

We promote choice

We promote independence


Our Vision Is:

“To be a pivotal part of the person life to ensure they are empowered to live the live they choose”

Our Mission Is:

“To recruit and retain the Personal Assistants, to provide the best possible support to the Service Users we serve”

Company Values:

“We value the Personal Assistants who make the service possible and the Service Users we serve”

Our Work Ethics Are:

To improve the quality of life to the Service Users we serve

To respect Services Users choices and risk taking to live the life they choose to live

To respect Service Users right to privacy and confidentiality

To empower Service Users to be as independent as possible

To adhere to the highest possible Health & Safety standards

To welcome Service Users feedback to ensure we are continually improving the service we provide

To never discriminate against race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion


All BJP staff are solely employed by the Company and only focus on providing a person centred service to each Service User we serve.

We believe that Service Users are the best people to assess what support they require from our Personal Assistants, we will formulate a personalised support plan based upon the self assessment and where applicable the Care Needs Assessment for the Social Service Department.

Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:

  • The aim of BJP is to provide creative, innovative responses to meet the changing needs of people to whom we provide a service.

We intend to achieve this aim by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Creating an environment that encourages personal development, confidence, self-esteem and promotes independence
  • Working in partnership with all stakeholders
  • Respecting each person’s individuality
  • Ensuring each person is fully involved in all decisions affecting their lives
  • Promoting the individual’s right to privacy, respect, choice, and respect
  • Ensuring people can express their views and concerns through regular consultation
  • Ensuring that complaints are listened to and responded to within given timescales
  • Continually seeking ways of understanding the views of those who have difficulty in expressing themselves
  • Supporting individuals to develop their social, vocational and recreational skills
  • Respecting each person’s cultural, ethnic and sexual identity
  • Regularly monitoring and reviewing our service to ensure effectiveness and quality