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Useful Information

Please use the following links to access useful information on BJP Home Support and Care at Home.


Funding for Care and Support

The amount that social services pay towards care on your behalf varies under the national eligibility criteria.

Financial Help from Social Services

Following council assessment of your needs, you will be means tested on your income to see if you need to contribute to costs.

Local Authority Payments

There are several types of payments you may be eligible to receive to help with care costs, such as Attendance Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

Individualised Budget

If you would like to transfer your care service to BJP Home Support speak to your Local Authority or contact us.

Pay for your own support

If you are not eligible for funding from the council, you may have to pay for your own support.  Please contact us for details.

Further Information

Contact your social services department or BJP Home Support for assistance or further information. 

Care UK have produced this useful guide to assist in choosing your Care at Home Provider.

Click here to download


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